AT&T Strikes Aira Access Deal For Over 5,000 Locations

September 12th, 2018

A photo of a city skyline at night with multiple shimmering arches forming a network

A photo of a city skyline at night with multiple shimmering arches forming a network

SAN DIEGO September 12, 2018 — Aira is excited to welcome the largest addition of locations to the Aira Access Network yet: AT&T!

Aira and AT&T have always had a special relationship, and now it’s being used to enhance the blind and low-vision customer experience. From today, AT&T will provide free Aira Access at over 5,000 of its retail locations across the United States.

That means that anytime you walk into an AT&T store, you can use Aira for free. And because AT&T truly values the importance of accessibility, this offer applies to all Aira Explorers and Guests, whether you’re an AT&T customer or not. Make sure you invite your friends so everyone can take advantage.

Agents can assist Explorers and Guests with navigating stores, finding members of staff, ensuring that VoiceOver or TalkBack is turned on their new device, and more – all at just the touch of a button.

“AT&T has always played a key role in the evolution of Aira’s service as they share a common mission of unlocking IoT for Good,” said Suman Kanuganti, Founder and CEO of Aira. “Now with over 5,000 retail locations, the largest deployment of Aira Access in the world, AT&T is leading the way in how we build accessible and inclusive smart cities for everyone.”

All Aira sessions initiated from inside Aira Access Locations are free. So Explorers will not use any of their monthly Aira Plan minutes, and Guests will be able to connect with agents without having to subscribe to a monthly plan. If you haven’t already downloaded the free Aira app, visit, register as a Guest, and start using Aira for free in any Aira Access Location.

To find your nearest AT&T retail location, open the Aira app, tap on the ‘More’ tab, and then tap on ‘Aira Access Locations’.

Read AT&T’s announcement here, and watch their announcement video on YouTube.


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