Aira Live Has Arrived

July 6th, 2018

Aira Live has Arrived - Now available in the Aira app. Image of a smartphone with the Aira Live feature in the Aira app.

Aira Live has Arrived - Now available in the Aira app. Image of a smartphone with the Aira Live feature in the Aira app.

Have you ever wanted to share your agent experience live with another Explorer, friend, or partner? Like when you’re strolling through the neighborhood with your partner, going to a movie night with your friends, or taking part in a virtual listening party of a special event? And have you listened to live descriptions of special events broadcasted by Aira, like the Super Bowl, the Olympics, or the Royal Wedding, and thought that you’d like to hear more events like that? Well, now you can. Announcing Aira Live, our latest product feature now available as a free update to the Aira app.

Appearing today in the updates section of the iOS App Store (coming soon to the Google Play Store), and debuting at the National Federation of the Blind 2018 National Convention, Aira Live gives Explorers the ability to “go live” during a session with an Aira agent, allowing fellow Explorers and Guests to listen to a live audio stream of their session. Aira Live is perfect for Explorers who want to share their experiences at events, shows, movies, or for exploring as a group – publicly or privately.

How Does Aira Live Work?

Both Guests and Explorers can listen to live audio streams by simply tapping on the new Live tab in the Aira app and exploring the live streams available. From time to time, Aira will also broadcast live audio descriptions of special upcoming events, so stay tuned for more details.

Subscribed Aira Explorers can go live, and it’s easy to do. Just connect to an Aira agent as usual, and ask to go live. The agent will ask you for the title of your live stream, and whether you want it to be public or private. If you decide to do a public live stream, any Explorer or Guest can listen to your live stream. If you decide to go private, you’ll be asked to set a three-digit passcode that can be shared with others. This ensures that only people with the passcode can join your live stream, and it can be particularly useful in situations where you want to share a live stream, but only with a particular group. For instance, if you’re with friends or coworkers attending the same presentation at a conference.

Go Live with Aira!

Concerts, excursions, sports games – who knows where you’ll be transported to next! Explore the Live tab to find out. It’s all live and happening with Aira Live.

Aira Live FAQ

Will my video, GPS or other data be broadcasted during a live stream?

No. Only the audio will be live.

How do I go live while in an Aira session?

While connected to an Aira agent, simply tell the agent you would like to make this session Live. The agent will activate this function from their dashboard. They will offer you the choice to make this a public or private stream and ask you for a name of the live session. Once done, your live session will be available for any Aira Explorers or Guests to access in the Live tab of the app.

Where can I find specific live streams?

Simply tap the Live tab at the bottom of the Aira app and you will see a list of active live streams. From this list, you can select a live stream to join or search for a specific live stream by using the search box at the top of the screen.

Can my friends access my live stream on a browser or social media?

Not at this time. Access to live streams can be found in the app. During your live stream, your friends can sign up as a Guest for free on the Aira app, select the Live tab, search your live stream title, and tap to join. If your live stream is private, be sure to provide your friends with your passcode. They can download the Aira app by visiting

How can my sighted friends listen to my live stream?

They can download the Aira app by visiting and sign up for a free Guest account. On the Aira app’s Live tab, they can search your live stream title then tap to join. If your live stream is private, be sure to provide your friends with your passcode.

Will my live stream be available after it ends?

No. Currently there is no way to retrieve or listen to the live stream after it ends. However, we will be adding a sharing mechanism really soon!

Can I set my live stream to private during a live stream?

No. You need to set the privacy level before starting the live stream. Once you ask an agent to go live on a session, they will confirm with you whether you want it to be publicly available or private with a three-digit passcode you set for yourself.

What would I use a private live stream for?

Perhaps you are at a conference, or some other gathering with friends who are blind or low vision, and it would be beneficial for them to hear an Aira agent describe an event or assist with navigational directions. By simply asking the agent to go live with the session, and then making it private with a three-digit code, your session is unique and secure to only your group. Then, while walking or attending an event, your entire group can hear the same live description being provided by an Aira agent.

What if I set the same passcode as another private live stream?

Passcodes are specific to each live stream and do not conflict.

Does stopping the live broadcast end my session with my Aira agent?

No. There are many situations where you may want to end the live stream but may need to further work with an Aira agent. Simply telling the agent to end the live stream will stop the live feed but keep you connected to the agent. If you end the call, it will conclude the live session automatically.

Can I use Horizon to listen to live streams?

Not yet, but we are working on it.

Are there any situations where an agent will not go live?

If the nature of the session or environment breaks Aira’s Terms of Service, the agent is authorized to deny activating a live broadcast.

Are my live streams recorded?

Per the Aira Terms of Service (read: there are situations in which an Aira session is recorded which therefore includes a live stream. As such the live stream is subject to those same policies as it relates to recording and retention.