Aira for Business

Enhance your ADA compliance efforts by transforming the workplace for your employees who are blind or low vision.

Where Aira can help

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Improve site navigation

Navigation in and around a complex building or site without a sighted assistant nearby is an instant reality with Aira.

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Create engaged teams

Whiteboards and presentations become fully accessible, enabling full participation in meetings or projects.

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Attract and retain talent

Aira empowers companies to attract, retain and develop talent from an often overlooked yet highly capable pool.

Simplify the maze that is your business campus

For the visually impaired an office building or campus can be a confusing complex of hallways, cubicles, meeting rooms and elevators. Assisted by their Aira Agents, our users confidently navigate without a sighted person nearby.

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Benefit from every employee's potential

With access to the same information as their sighted colleagues, your employee who is blind or low vision may come up with the next great idea. With Aira, all your employees have equal access to visual information whether it is on a whiteboard or projected on a screen.

Never miss hiring or promoting your next superstar

In the age of social media when word gets out about a great workplace, the best talent seeks it out rather than the other way around. With Aira, you enhance your appeal to some of the most motivated and capable workers in business. Don't miss the opportunity to tap their talents.

Today's fastest growing assistive community

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Services leadership

First assistive solution to create and utilize a network of trained professional agents

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Technology leadership

First to use Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to serve the blind

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Innovation leadership

First to deliver public hot spots for visual accessibility with Aira Networks

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Part technology, part human interactions Aira has been called Vision in a Pocket.

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Everything about who we are, what we do, and most of all why we do it. Every day.

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