Aira Covid-19 Promotion

Aira is committed to providing continued support to our community by making otherwise inaccessible information and processes related to the latest Covid-19 health concerns and vaccination requirements, accessible. We invite you to continue reading to learn more about what kinds of tasks are now included in this promotion. If you are going to call an Agent to do a Covid-19 at-home rapid test, we suggest you read these Tips for Testing in advance and listen to the video below.


It’s necessary to be an Aira Explorer to take advantage of this promotion. Following the lists of what is included and what is not included in this promotion, you will find a link to our recent newsroom post on this topic.  


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Q: What is included in this promotion?

A: The following tasks are included as part of this promotion:

  1. Registering and scheduling a Covid-19 vaccine or booster
  2. Navigating within a vaccination location
  3. Administering and reading results of a Covid-19 rapid home test
  4. Submitting Covid-19 test status
  5. Taking photos of vaccination card
  6. Researching Covid-19 protocols for specific public or private spaces prior to travel

Q: What is not included in this promotion?

A: The following tasks are not included as part of this promotion:

  1. Non-vaccine-related Covid-19 research including reading social posts
  2. Registering others for vaccines (outside of immediate family)
  3. Taking and/or sharing post-vaccination selfies
  4. Travel to vaccination location (navigation is only applicable inside the location)

Q: How much time is permitted with this promotion?

A: Up to 30 minutes per day on Covid-19-related tasks. Please note, after you have used 30-minutes, your call will end or your own minutes will be used.

Q: How do I order test kits from the U.S. Government?

A: Either call 1.800.232.0233 or go to this URL to order is The site is accessible, the tests are not. We’re ready to assist when it’s time to take one of these tests.  

Q: Do you have any recommendations on how I should prepare for an at-home test?

A: Yes. Download and review our Aira Tech Corp Tips for Testing January 2022. Also, it’s suggested that you have good lighting to assist the Aira Agent. As we learn more, we will continue to update this document.

Newsroom: Flattening the Curve

We continue our efforts to flatten the inaccessibility curve. Unfortunately, nearly two years into the global pandemic and we still find many processes related to Covid-19 and its variants, difficult and sometimes impossible to manage due to inaccessibility.