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Blind and low-vision people can use Aira's service for free through our Aira Access Network, comprised of high profile businesses, websites and digital products, retailers, airports, supermarket chains, campuses, and sports venues.

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Equal experiences for all

Open an untapped market by giving 10 million blind and low-vision people in the US the same experience as your sighted customers.

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Lead by Example

Lead the way in providing accessibility and become a truly inclusive company.

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Straightforward implementation

Zero effort to install, maintain, or track – we manage it all for you.

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Aira Access Networks

Provide Aira's service to your employees, visitors, or customers.

  • Websites and Digital Products
  • Airports
  • Retail
  • Campuses
  • Destinations
  • Federal Government
  • Cities
  • Employers – Learn more about the Employment Network at
An animation that shows how Aira Access works. A user receives a notification that they have entered an Aira Access Location. The user then connects to an Aira agent for free, professional assistance.

Case Studies

Man holding out phone to show an Aira agent the flight status board at the airport.

Airport NetworkHartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

View Case Study
A person is tapping a button on her phone while working on her computer.

Digital Product NetworkRemoving technological barriers with Vispero

View Case Study
A vintage photo of a Wegmans storefront.

Retail NetworkInclusive shopping at Wegmans

View Case Study
ATandT football Stadium

Destination NetworkAT&T Dallas Cowboys Stadium

View Case Study
A man and woman sit at a circular desk having a meeting. There’s a laptop, two phones, and two markers on the desk. The woman is taking a sip from her coffee mug.

Digital Product NetworkPowering prosperity with Intuit QuickBooks

View Case Study
Airplane wing with blue clouds in the background and the sunsetting in the right corner

Airport NetworkAmerican Association of Airport Executives

View Case Study

Aira Access Options

A birds-eye view of a city skyline with gps pins on top of buildings and blue circular geofences overlaid on top of the buildings.

Aira Access Locations

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Close up of a woman's hands holding her smartphone with an Aira Access offer open on the screen.

Aira Access Products

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A woman drawing wireframes on a white board with her coworker.

Aira Access Custom Solutions

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