We’re Aira, a Visual Interpreting Service.

Much like a video relay interpreter for members of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community, our team of expertly-trained Visual Interpreters provide on-demand visual information for the blind and low vision community.  Because we believe that access to information is a human right.

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Our Service

Aira is the sole commercially embraced solution that connects blind and low vision individuals with certified Visual Interpreters, delivering a secure and reliable service. Our 24/7, globally accessible on-demand platform is empowered by a proprietary dashboard seamlessly integrated with your mobile app. By simply using your smartphone’s camera and our app, a highly-trained Visual Interpreter will be at your side, providing comprehensive visual interpretation of your environment. From vivid descriptions to reading, from clear explanations to expert navigation, they’re here to assist you with whatever you need, all in a safe and secure manner.

Our Visual Interpreters

At Aira, our Visual Interpreters stand at the heart of our service. These remarkable individuals are meticulously handpicked, undergo rigorous background screening, and receive comprehensive training. We are exceptionally proud to provide the world’s sole secure and certified visual interpreting service, staffed by top-tier professionals devoted to delivering an unparalleled experience for members of the blind and low vision community.

Aira Access Partners

Aira Access Partners are inclusive organizations that offer Aira to their employees, students, and customers. Anyone in an Access Partner facility—like a university campus, a retail store, an office, or an airport—can open the Aira app and connect to a visual interpreter instantly, free of charge. These Aira Access Partners who provide visual interpretation to their communities experience better employee retention, wider potential customer bases, and foster cultures of accessibility and inclusivity.

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Aira as an Accommodation

Hundreds of top companies including Amazon, Microsoft, State of Colorado are providing Aira as an accommodation.  We have successfully passed 100% of all security reviews from large financial organizations like Bank of America to leading security conscious technology firms like Amazon and Google.  Learn more about accommodations or become an Aira Access Partner or call us at 1.800.835.1934 to schedule time with an Aira Accommodations team member to learn more.

Aira for Education

Universities like Ohio State, Princeton, Texas Tech and more have partnered with Aira to assist in making their campus experience more inclusive and accessible.  Learn more about making your campus accessible or call us at 1.800.835.1934 to schedule time with an Aira Higher Education team member to learn more.

Aira for Business

Starbucks, Target, Bank of America and more have partnered with Aira to assist in making their physical and digital customer experiences more inclusive and accessible.  Learn more about making your business accessible or call us at 1.800.835.1934 to schedule time with an Aira Access Business team member to learn more.

Aira for State Government

State of Colorado – Colorado Governor Jared Polis and Lieutenant Governor Dianna Primavera recently announced “Colorado for All  which included the passage of legislation HB21-1110 to fund the partnering with Aira.  Under this program those residents who are blind or have low vision can connect with highly trained Aira visual interpreters to remove barriers when navigating state-operated buildings, all colleges, state parks and any state digital services.  The bill also included funding for all state employees to receive Aira as an accommodation. To learn more, please visit their website @ https://oit.colorado.gov/accessibility/aira

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